How to intelligent lighting?

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Are you one of those who like modern technology and likes to save every second of their time? Then switch to smart lighting.

Imagine an everyday situation in which you are sure to find yourself. You lie down on the couch and leave it on. You wrap yourself in your favorite blanket and suddenly find that the already intense light bothers you. Surely everyone knows that. However, you can now prevent these and similar situations. You ask how? For example, by purchasing intelligent lighting that you can control remotely . All you need is intelligent lighting and some smart devices or tablets to control it . Some smart luminaires also have a controller that you can use to control the smart luminaires .

Smart light bulbs

One of the most popular products that fall into the category of smart lighting is smart light bulbs . Thesebulbs can also be controlled remotely using a remote control. So if you place a light bulb with this function in a classic luminaire, you will suddenly conjure up modern technology from it as well. ANDsmart light bulbs in addition, they are also compatible with the Philips HUE system . You can find smart light bulbs with us with several different sockets.

If you decide to replace classic lights with intelligent lights , believe me, you will not be disappointed. Not only can you turn the lights on or off according to your needs, you can also choose the light intensity or multi-colored backgrounds yourself. In short, you choose for yourself what you are in the mood for and what suits you. Most of our smart lighting is also compatible with Amazon Alexa and Google Home systems . With these systems, you can create a smart home that you never dreamed of. You can control everything with your smart device from the comfort of your chair, but not only that. You can also control them remotely. Set up different profiles, when the lights light up or go out at a certain hour without having to get up to the switch.

Philips Hue

Smart lights with Philips Hue are controlled by a mobile device. That means by phone or tablet. For everything to work as it should, you need to have the application downloaded and, in addition, a Wi-Fi connection. In the offer you will find both interior intelligent lights and those for outdoor use . So if you also want to have a smart home, it's time to buy smart lighting .

Alexa or Google Home have many functions such as gradual dimming, color selection and transition, as well as color temperature setting . You can control these lights with a smart device or remote control. You need Wi-Fi and an external adapter to make everything work for you. The control also works using bluetooth . In addition, they are affordable so that almost anyone can afford them.