Design - the basis of business

Success to a business

The coffee was great, so was the dessert and the meeting was definitely a success.

Do you know the feeling when you enter the company and immediately know that you are right THERE? It can be a company reception, hotel, hairdresser, restaurant. It happened to me yesterday. I had an appointment in the early evening at a cafe outside the city. Before I even entered, I began to suspect that this space would not be in vain and thus their services. I was fascinated by the aluminum front door. Absolutely simple design and elongated elegant handle. I went inside and immediately soaked up the cafe atmosphere HERE! I immediately got a taste for coffee and I knew that I would enjoy it here and maybe I would stay for dessert. The smiling staff looked up from their work and sent me a friendly greeting. This is it! It works here! The owner will definitely not have a problem with loss statements. I looked around and chose a place in the conservatory. The chairs around a small table with a live tulip invited me to sit, and I couldn't resist looking into the lighted garden behind the glass. Next to one wall was a built-in library with an extensive selection of books. Well, who wouldn't like to drink coffee or two at an interesting book, right? Thanks to this library and comfortable armchairs, I felt at home in the café. I started to smile. Everything was new, modern, it gave order. And I knew it was thanks to the work of an interior designer . I was proud of what I was doing and that it was possible to make money for someone with the intervention of a designer . The coffee was great, so was the dessert and the meeting was definitely a success.